Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Benguela Crowd Fund New Album

Benguela is plundering the remote coffers of virtual music lovers everywhere to finalise the recordings of their 5th album!

Yup it's come down to this folks - love in advance.

All we can say is that the recordings are really lovely in our humble opinion and we'd really dig your support.

We're wanting to raise R9 000 to cover the costs of the recording, plus the editing and mixing which still need to happen. A further R11000 would cover the cost of designing and printing 1000 CDs.

The way it works is that you purchase one of the options available on our page on
(eg: R80 for an advanced digital download of the completed album). If we reach our minimum goal to bank-roll this project (R9000), you get your album - if we don't, you get your money back.

So get cracking you philanthropist you.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Benguela live at The Alexander Bar

Upstairs at the Alexander Bar
76 Strand Street, Cape Town
8pm Friday 6 September 2013
R80 limited to 40 seats
Booking online
or please call 021 300 1652