Monday, January 16, 2012

Hello, news and review

Hello. So 2011 was a bit of a non event for Benguela. But on the personal front we have collected some new skills which should benefit the band nicely. We're going to be working with Andrew Garton again at the end of this month, recording some of the tracks we performed last time he was out from Oz - Andrew is a strange kettle of fish, part theater, part activist - check him out on
Then there's the launch of the new Red Earth & Rust album happening in March which we've been involved with as individuals more than as Benguela. Produced by Jonny Blundell and engineered by Dave Langeman, this album is sounding incredible! Nothing about the new album is up yet, but you can find out about the band at
And lastly there's a great review on Black Southeaster on the Muse site that we missed HERE