Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kitchen Bar Hermanus

New Years Day!
Kitchen Bar, 1pm, Free
2 Harbour Rd, Hermanus
028 313-0384

Saturday, December 11, 2010

2010 round up

eh, new album release, then tour, and now what with brydon becoming a dad, ross pursuing a minor career in carpentry and myself writing audio and theory finals at SAE institute for this quarter... not a lot of time to devote to the deep water, though it looks like we may have a decent publisher soon (at last!). currently wading thru heaps of outtakes in the meantime to decide which to keep, chop up or dump overboard. but the good news is there is a ton of good stuff yet to be released. we conducted an experiment in secret at our recent gig and though early days it may be, we think it worked rather nicely. ross even played a superb 5/4 rhythm, something that makes us all happy. so next year expect the ship to sail in a new direction. we don't have the coordinates yet..., in fact we rarely do.


Monday, December 6, 2010


First off, thanks to the guys from Bibliophilia for a great gig. If you're into beautiful books on art, design and culture, head on down to the Woodstock Industrial Centre for your fix, they have a truly unique collection for sale. You can also buy Black Southeaster and all of the Jaunted Haunts catalogue there. Roger Ballen's intro to his new photography work was also pretty refreshing (and bloody hardcore) - not entirely sure his elevator goes all the way to the top floor!

Alex is busy trying to book us something at the Alma Cafe in Rosebank - we'll keep you posted.

Mick Raubenheimer has posted a nice review/interview on Kagablog. Check out the Kagablog in general actually, some thought provoking South African edge.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bibiliophilia/Roger Ballen exhibition opening

Benguela will perform tomorrow evening (fri, 6pm) at the opening of the new bookstore Bibliophilia/Roger Ballen exhibition at Word of Art at the Woodstock Industrial Centre. Free, but I think you need to RSVP, so see the link for details. Cash bar and secure parking available.
Woodstock Industrial Centre

Monday, November 22, 2010

Past Present

Congratulations to Brydon and Moon on the birth of their as yet unnamed baby boy, born Friday the 19th of Nov at 17:05.
To celebrate this auspicious occasion, a photograph from the past:

Shot near Walvis Bay where the Namib desert meets the Atlantic ocean.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Welcome to the new Benguela blog. There's lots of stuff to add still, but I'm hoping that the other two members will in fact add their own posts and make this blog something worth visiting. Alex is studying sound at SAE this year and Brydon's about to become a father so probably not.

The new album Black Southeaster is out on Jaunted Haunts Press. You can listen to four of the tracks here in the Soundcloud player or scroll down and listen/buy the album from Itunes through the Believe player. The album reflects the band’s harder edge and also seems to have more of a jazz influence if those who’ve heard it are to be trusted. The recording process was also a step up from previous albums. Produced by Dirk Hugo and tracked at the new Sui Studios, the tracks have been quite heavily edited and added to - something the band as improvisors have not done before. The album also features Derek Gripper on ghost viola and Gustavo Fasani on bandoneon. I recently made a video for the track Meridian which you can also see at the top right of this blog.

Some really killer online review links:

Mail & Gaurdian review of Black Southeaster by Lloyd Gedye

Weekend Argus interview and review by Evan Milton

Mahala review of the Cape Town launch and album by Brandon Edmonds