Saturday, December 11, 2010

2010 round up

eh, new album release, then tour, and now what with brydon becoming a dad, ross pursuing a minor career in carpentry and myself writing audio and theory finals at SAE institute for this quarter... not a lot of time to devote to the deep water, though it looks like we may have a decent publisher soon (at last!). currently wading thru heaps of outtakes in the meantime to decide which to keep, chop up or dump overboard. but the good news is there is a ton of good stuff yet to be released. we conducted an experiment in secret at our recent gig and though early days it may be, we think it worked rather nicely. ross even played a superb 5/4 rhythm, something that makes us all happy. so next year expect the ship to sail in a new direction. we don't have the coordinates yet..., in fact we rarely do.


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